Find ghosts next to you...

Easy to use
Discover spirits around

Use your device camera viewfinder to monitor electromagnetic level changes, which high level is the first sign of ghosts presence.

Take photo & video

One you deceted anything that looks like a ghost, use your camera to take photo or record a video, and take a closer look after.

Share your experience

Reinforce your ghost related stories with facts: taken photos & videos os ghosts is better than a thouthand of words.

Is this thing real?


Is this thing real?

Reviews from real app users

Bernard Resureccion

Okey i believe in you...

Ghost detector we experience already in pangasinan at the backyadrs… tree… we snapshot 5 paranormal ghost activities...


I guess this is for real

I just downloaded this app yesterday coz i am just curious. Here at home it is in normal field but as soon as i entered my work (hospital), it beeped a lot of times saying there is high paranormal... something like that.

LuisTube Gaming

OMG this is real and serious

This is real. The EMF spikes went real high and then i started hearing voices. I was investigating a hotel. That place everyroom someone has died in. Than i had nightmares that night.

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